Pioneering Hemp Cultivation in the Midwest

Root 66 Farms is made up of entrepreneurs, farmers, agronomists and geneticists all passionate about bringing hemp cultivation to the forefront in the Midwest. 

At Root 66 Farms, we are fascinated by hemp in all of its many forms, and the near limitless possibilities this incredible plant holds. Helping to revitalize the farming community through hemp cultivation, not only in Pontiac but throughout Illinois, holds a special place in our hearts.

And with the incredible team that makes up Root 66 Farms, we will be able to deliver world-class genetics that will put Pontiac and Illinois on the map as a true leader in hemp cultivation.

With Root 66 founders having close ties to the farming community in Pontiac, IL, the Meramec Caverns Ranch was a perfect fit for a base of operations and allows us to work closely with the Route 66 Preservation Society, working to help restore and maintain the historic landmarks on the property. This includes the famous “Meramec Caverns” barn, now the last one standing in the United States.

Root 66 Hemp Mantra

We love what we do. And we are damn good at it. But we don’t exist in a vacuum. Being part of something greater, and understanding that when we work together as a community, we all succeed. Change is coming. And hemp is the spark that is going to light that fire…