Labs & Processors

Connecting you with state-of-the-art labs for processing, tolling/splits as well as material sourcing for your own projects.

When it comes to processing and refinement, we've got you covered.

Processing Biomass

We can help you to sell your biomass, or turn it into processed material for an even higher rate of return.

Crude Oil

Can convert your biomass into crude oil then sell it for further processing.

T-Free Distillate

The processed material of choice for 2020. We can provide sourcing or refinement of your crude oil.


Final stage in the refinement process. Can provide sourcing as well as isolation services.
  • Our processor and lab partners lead the way in safety standards and produce some of the highest quality material in the industry
  • All of our partners are GMP certified / compliant
  • Some are ISO certified
  • Biomass can be sold directly to lab or can be tolled/split
  • Can also process your biomass into crude or turn it into T-Free distillate or Isolate

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