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A Community Partner in Hemp

Pantheon Industries is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Wisconsin which strives to help individuals with disabilities achieve their full employment potential.

Root 66 and Pantheon have joined forces to serve as a nexus point for hemp farming and education in Wisconsin.

Pantheon’s campus includes a large facility with classrooms, meeting rooms and gymnasium that will be used for training sessions, community meetings and trade show summits. Across from the main facility, there is a farmer’s market with multiple greenhouses that will be used for hemp cultivation. Additionally, there is over 1000 acres of organic certified farmland adjacent to the property.

Wisconsin's Largest Non-Profit Organization

Organic Hemp Farming with a Purpose

The mission of Pantheon Industries is to provide a full spectrum of opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  All individuals, regardless of ability level, have the right to participate in meaningful employment.

Possibilities Over Limitations
Together Root 66 Farms and Pantheon will bring new opportunities in organic hemp farming to the communities of Wisconsin – providing knowledge, access and training to the latest in organic hemp farming techniques.  And in doing so, we we help to facilitate the entrepreneurial spirit and strengthen our farms for generations to come.