Compliance Software for the Hemp Industry

Plot to purchase software to enable farmers to do the farming that they love while staying compliant with state regulations for farming hemp.

Hempliance provides a secure, mobile app-based Compliance Solution solution for our Farmers.

Hempli Seed

Cultivar database with seed history including origin, feminization reports and germination rates with the ability to track USDA certified cultivars.

Hempli Grow

Full compliance app with license applications, planting, testing and harvest data collection with reporting that includes GPS tagging.

Hempli Lab

Unique ID that follows from farm to testing labs including auto distribution of COAs.

Hempli Road

Backbone for GPS enabled transportation tracking, reporting and real time chain of custody.

Hempliance and Root 66 Farms

We believe in the power and strength of our American farm communities. That is why we have joined forces with Hempliance providing cutting-edge, plot-to-purchase software.


This app will allow us to provide near real-time service throughout the growing season as you provide data through the app alongside the critical information for your compliance. Connecting you from seed to sale. All digital. All recorded on blockchain. Welcome to the future of hemp.

Secure, mobile app-based Compliance Solution solution for our Farmers.

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